Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Charity Crunch

Charity Crunch: "EDITORIAL
Charity Crunch

Americans have gotten caught up in the emotional swell of what one charity's director called a 'bidding war' to see who can promise the most aid to tsunami victims. The charity official was talking about governments, but private donations have gone the same way. Doctors Without Borders courageously spoke the truth when it announced two weeks ago that it had all the tsunami-relief money it needed and would accept only unrestricted donations.

President Bush also has expressed concern that giving to tsunami relief might mean less for other charities. He's right. Bush himself hasn't helped matters by extending the 2004 tax deduction for donations to tsunami relief while regular charities go by the usual rules. Nor does encouraging private charity end the president's obligations; the international relief agency Oxfam was concerned enough last week to demand that governments guarantee not to fund tsunami relief by shorting other aid programs."


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