Wednesday, January 12, 2005

TPI provides links to many helpful sites and resources on philanthropy.

TPI provides links to many helpful sites and resources on philanthropy.: "Tsunami Disaster Relief Efforts

The magnitude of the loss of human life, grief, and destruction wreaked by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean is overwhelming. There has been an outpouring of compassion and with the charitable impulse have come questions about how best to help those affected by this enormous tragedy. For TPI clients and others who wish to support disaster relief and rebuilding efforts, we offer a brief set of criteria and questions that donors may want to consider in selecting agencies:

On the ground presence and reach:
Has the organization had an ongoing presence, prior to December 2004, in most or all of the countries affected by the tsunami?
Does the organization have solid relationships and partnerships enabling it to be effective and efficient in addressing critical needs in the affected countries?
Is the organization well-positioned to work within the existing infrastructure to get resources to where they are most needed? "


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