Thursday, January 06, 2005


Tsunami-Credit-Cards: "Credit card firms to donate all revenue from Cdn tsunami relief contributions
10:43 AM EST Jan 06

TORONTO (CP) - Canada's major credit card companies said Wednesday they will donate the revenue they make from tsunami relief contributions to a battery of charities dealing with the crisis in southeast Asia.
'Canadians have responded with enormous generosity to those in need in South and southeast Asia,' Kevin Stanton, president of MasterCard Canada, said in a release. 'We wanted to maximize the effect of that generosity to ensure those dollars go as far as possible.'
MasterCard Canada and Visa Canada both said they will give the money to the Canadian Red Cross, CARE Canada, Development and Peace, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, Save the Children, UNICEF Canada and World Vision Canada. "


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