Thursday, June 30, 2005

Embassy - Newspaper Online.-Complaints Roll In As Tsunami Aid Cash Wells Up

Embassy - Newspaper Online.: "Complaints Roll In As Tsunami Aid Cash Wells Up
'You can't spend money like this in the snap of a finger'
The unprecedented outpouring of cash donations in the wake of the December 26 tsunami, one of the worst natural disasters on record, has left Canadian non-governmental organizations in an odd situation.

The massive bank accounts they accumulated over hours and days are collecting interest six months later. Meanwhile, some private donors are demanding to know why their generosity isn't flowing more rapidly to the 13 affected countries around the Indian Ocean. Some government aid agencies are also being scrutinized for holding onto millions of dollars in pledges. Private sector donations from individuals, corporations and other types of organizations are about $5 billion, according to Reuters Tsunami Watch. In addition government and multilateral organizations have promised about $6.9 billion. Of that amount, the 10 largest donors, including Canada, make up about $5.2 billion in pledges. But as of this month only about 65 per cent ($3.46 billion) had been allocated. "


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