Monday, January 10, 2005

Erin Stephenson - News - The Coloradoan -

Erin Stephenson - News - The Coloradoan - "Charity should not be political

Erin Stephenson

A Native Voice
Erin Stephenson writes every Monday from her perspective as a born and bred Coloradoan.

The first response to a crisis is often inadequate, fueled by incomplete information and poor communication.
With time, however, facts become clearer, and the response improves.
Such is the case in America's reaction to the December earthquake and tsunami in south Asia.
It's easy to sit in judgment with the information we have now and say the United States didn't do enough in the first wave of the tragedy. With almost daily reports of increasing casualties and destruction, the United States' initial offer of $15 million in humanitarian aid to the devastated region does seem appalling.


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