Thursday, January 06, 2005

Top 10 Myths of Disaster Relief - Today's Christian

Top 10 Myths of Disaster Relief - Today's Christian: "Top 10 Myths of Disaster Relief
In the wake of the tsunami tragedy, believers must overcome public stereotypes about overseas disasters. Here's what Christian aid workers want you to know.

As they fight to save lives in the wake of the Asia tsunami disaster, aid workers also must address myths about disaster relief among the American public. Rich Moseanko, a relief director for World Vision, the Christian relief and development organization, explains the truth behind the top 10 myths of disaster relief.
1. Americans can help by collecting blankets, shoes and clothing
The cost of shipping these items � let alone the time it takes to sort, pack and ship them � is prohibitive. Often, those items are manufactured for export to the U.S. from these same countries. It is far more efficient to purchase them locally. Cash is the better solution.
2. Helping the living always has priority over burying the dead
In refugee camps and epidemic situations where people die of diseases, it is essential to dispose of the bodies within a short period of time. If they died of other causes such as drowning, "


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