Monday, February 07, 2005

CharityVillage� NewsWeek: Coffee with Cam

CharityVillage� NewsWeek: Coffee with Cam: "Coffee with Cam
Meet Max and Aysha
By Cam Tait

'I don't understand,' Max said one evening last week as he got comfortable on the living room couch. I've known Max for almost ten years and whenever he speaks he makes me think. 'There was that terrible tsunami a month ago and all of a sudden people want to donate to charity. And they've never given to charity before. We have charities at home here that need help, that need money, but it's like they want to help the tsunami victims more than they want to help charities at home. I think maybe some people are donating money because other people are and they want to look good.'

Max's thoughts are, perhaps, similar to what a good number of people are thinking - but don't have it in their hearts to say. Nonetheless, it makes us reflect, doesn't it?

Then there's Aysha, who wanted to do something for the children who were left behind after the earthquake and tsunami hit. She took her flute and her dream and the magic began. Aysha gathered together other local musicians and rented the most prestigious music venue in Edmonton: the Winspear Centre. They named the show, fittingly, Higher Ground."


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