Friday, January 07, 2005

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Press Conference on 6 January 2005

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Press Conference on 6 January 2005: "Q: Good afternoon, Mr. Kong. I wish you a happy new year and expect a continued cooperation with you in 2005. How much money has China donated for Tsunami? How many US dollars are such material aids as food and tents worth? How many medical and military relief staff have been dispatched to the tsunami-hit regions? Some Chinese websites criticize the China's aids this time indicate the Chinese Government cares foreigners more than its own citizens, especially when China is facing many domestic problems. What comment do you have on this?
A: China's aids to the tsunami-hit countries are roughly divided into two parts. The Chinese Government declared 21.63 million RMB of emergency aid just the next day after the disaster hit. On the afternoon of December 31, Premier Wen Jiabao met in emergency with representatives of ten tsunami-hit countries and international organizations in Beijing and declared the Chinese Government decided to provide an emergency aid worth 500 million RMB to the tsunami-hit countries given the severe situation and loss caused by the disaster. The first batch of aids has all been sent to the disaster-hit regions. The second batch of aids worth 500 million has been launched in a row. These are aids at the governmental level. The second part of assistance is China's public in all walks of life express deep compassion for the catastrophe that happened in our neighboring countries. According to the information I checked with Red Cross Society of China45 minutes ago, the donation they have received and committed had amounted to 45 million RMB, among which 5.48 million RMB of donations and materials had been sent to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Maldives and Malaysia respectively. The rest of the funds will be provided at an early date in a few days according"


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