Monday, January 31, 2005

Lexington Herald-Leader | 01/31/2005 | Messenger for aid

Lexington Herald-Leader | 01/31/2005 | Messenger for aid: "Messenger for aid

Charity brings Indonesia's story to Kentucky
By Beth Musgrave

Nothing could prepare Ben Homan for the level of destruction he witnessed.
Or the smell of death. Or the silence in once thriving, bustling neighborhoods.
The president of Phoenix-based Food for the Hungry had seen human and natural destruction before, but Homan told those attending church services at Southland Christian Church yesterday that after the tsunami, South Asia is in a league of devastation all its own.
'In Banda Aceh, mile after mile is completely leveled,' Homan said after his speech. 'It looks like the town was thrown into a shredder.'"


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