Wednesday, February 16, 2005

e-Government Website/Homapage -Christian charity aids victims of tsunami

e-Government Website/Homapage: "Christian charity aids victims of tsunami
Date: 2005/02/16 13:50:47
SOURCE: Taiwan Journal

According to a survey conducted by Nanhua University's Graduate School of Management of Non-profit Organizations, 53 percent of Taiwanese have made monetary donations to aid victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit December 26, 2004, claiming nearly 300,000 lives.

As many as 69 percent of interviewees who made a donation chose to give their money to a private or non-profit organization, while 31 percent said they gave their money to the ROC government.

This could indicate that, after years of cultivation, local NGOs have gained the trust of society in general. Taiwanese tend to rely more on private establishments when it comes to entrusting their own resources with complete strangers. "


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