Wednesday, February 09, 2005

noticias - States Failing To Pay Tsunami Pledges

noticias - States Failing To Pay Tsunami Pledges: "States Failing To Pay Tsunami Pledges

/ Almost two-thirds of the money promised by governments to help the millions of people affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami has not yet been received by the UN, confirming the fear that many countries would try to wriggle out of their commitments, The Guardian (UK) reports.

Margareta Wahlstrom, UN secretary general Kofi Annan's special envoy, said the UN's appeal for an urgent $977 million to fund the first six months of emergency relief work had been met mostly by written commitments, and only $360 million had so far been received. Speaking yesterday in Geneva, Wahlstrom urged governments to pay up. Wahlstrom praised governments for being generous with money for food, health and children, but accused them of not finding the cash for temporary housing and the reconstruction of local industries, which have had only 35-50 percent funding."


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